Adobe Acrobat Keeps Asking For License Agreement

Until now I only had a license agreement yesterday, but it was on an application that I recently reinstalled. I just wanted to do one last update for us. Adobe had to find someone who was going into the backend of our accounts and wanted to do something (they wouldn`t say what), and now it works for the two designers who lost two days of work because of this Adobe Cloud error. If this can help Our case number is 185638354 Glitch If you get this outage, you are preparing to lose hours of work and be on the phone for hours with Adobe. I hope that an employee will step in and see what happens. I`ll push this thread every time I have to accept this fucking license agreement so they see how bad it is. I have a licensed version of Acrobat X Pro Ver 10.1.5 that has been installed for a week and works reliably. Today, at the launch, the acrobatic application presented the dialog box by requesting the acceptance of the license agreement. I click the “Accept” button and the app enters a crash loop, auto restart and “Accept The License Agreement” field presentation. I tried to end the application, restart the application and restart the system. Acrobat seems to be stuck in this loop. Any suggestions? When users open Adobe Acrobat for the first time, the Adobe license agreement appears. I wonder how Adobe will ensure that the software can be used if no network connection is available.

Adobe says it should run for 30 days without an Internet connection, but as if each opt-out causes a new license of the software. Edit: Not only that, but I started Acrobat to read a re-licensed adter pdf Dreamweaver, and he asked me to accept the effing license again. I have the same problem… Hmmm. All original CC applications are launched, but the new 2014 apps offer either a license key or a trial version. 4) Access support for S/Library/Application/adobe/oobe and delete opm.db Now I`m not only being asked to log in and make the license agreement first, but I first get a Photoshop TRIAL CC… I`m stunned! 4) Go to c://users/username/appdata/local/adobe/oobe and name Opm.db at opm.old 3) Access the location /Library/application support/adobe and Delete Slstore and slcache . After the 2014 app update, I can`t open. The license agreement appears and I click Accept and it reappears. I just checked my settings. I haven`t received license calls since I logged into the reboot after running the Creative Cloud program as an administrator.

Of course, it doesn`t help some of you. 5) Browse to /etc and open the hosts file. Make sure it has Adobe entries. If not, if not its fine, if so, replace the host file with a new host file without Adobe Note entries: This does not affect Mac CC or Windows/Mac Permanent licenses. Here`s a link to a helping page that deals with a number of licensing issues: I came across a new problem today with Adobe Acrobat after installing the latest update to Acrobat Reader 10.1.0. The user opened some PDF files and then, while trying to open other PDF files, they encountered a problem in which Adobe Acrobat asked them to close and launch Adobe Acrobat and accept the CLJ before they could continue.