Section 15(D) Of The Service Consumer User Agreement

Services: one or more of the following services offered or provided by via the website or local application (mobile, office or otherwise), including portfolio, lock-box, swap, Airdrop program, website and Exchange. Prepaid amex customer service has always been worthless, no surprise today 🙁 Yes, mine was marked too. But I was actually with the charge gift card to pay legit bills. Have you tried calling customer service? API means application programming interface, is not a service and is the subject of a separate agreement. In case the balance of funds available in your user account exceeds any minimum balance requirement required to meet all open orders, you can request payment of the virtual currency or Fiat currency, if any. You are solely responsible for losses resulting in all or part of an account, provider or external service. We cannot guarantee the timing of a payment request. Applications may be delayed or cancelled as part of our compliance program. We may, at our discretion, use an external payment service provider to process Fiat currency entry and payment requests. If you apply for entry or withdrawal for the Fiat currency, you can be redirected to a third-party site from Exchange or website.

In this case, you are solely responsible for all acts taken on such a website and we will not be responsible for any or all of the losses incurred by such a website or supplier. So when I hear about customer service staff and phoneless services – and of course, companies that allow your money to be earned by strangers – I can`t help but share your disappointment. Amex can do better. You should call the AMEX customer service number and contact the fraud department. They should help you get your money back. This use agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the object described above and replaces all prior written or oral agreements between the parties. Subsequent discussions or negotiations between you and or savings staff or will only be through a written amendment specifically related to the last updated date and the name of this user agreement. I just got an email for my BLUEBIRD — it`s pretty much the same thing, invoking Section 22.d. True, American Express is one of the hardest companies to reach.

Some of its departments apparently don`t use any phones at all. But Amex is not impossible to reach. I publish a list of executive contacts for American Express on my consumer protection site. This may be the only case I`ve heard of, where an account was closed and then reopened without any user intervention. The reference to “15D” is a standard clause in American Express` Cardmember contract, a paragraph that basically states that the company reserves the right to cancel your card. Unfortunately, they are not numbered on the debit card contract. As far as what you say, it doesn`t make sense. Customer service says snail mail to ask for.

You will not help. Besides, they`re pretty rude. I clicked on the Consumer User Agreement link and noticed that the AMEX terms of service were updated on 05.01.2016 (only 3 days ago). I scrolled down to section 15.d and the section bears the title of “use block”; Cancellation; closure. I pointed out the important phrases and drew a box around “manufacturing activity,” which is basically a manufactured spending. They`re on us. Christopher Elliott`s latest book is “How To Be The World`s Smartest Traveler” (National Geographic). You can get real-time answers to every consumer`s question in their new forum,, or by emailing They assure us and assure us that you: (a) are not in a restricted place or in a country under their control or in a country where the United States has blocked goods and services; b) are not referred to as “Specially Designated Na”